This past summer I did a little group makeup lesson with some of the LSU cheerleaders. I was asked to just show them what products I use, how I use them and how they can use their own products for their “game day” look. Most of the girls were new to the team, fresh out of High School and eager to learn how to really do a “full face” of makeup on their own. After chatting with them and showing them how I apply my own makeup I realized that the tips they found to be most helpful were on what I recommend not to do when applying makeup opposed to what to do. So I figured I could share what I shared with them, and maybe some of this could be useful to you too!

Disclaimer: I’m not a makeup pro, this is just what I have learned works for me.

Don’t apply makeup to a dry face.

Have you ever applied your foundation and from the second you started it looks cakey and doesn’t go on as smooth as you would like? One of the main reasons that could be happening is because your face isn’t moisturized enough and you’re applying makeup to dry skin. I personally have dry skin and always have, so I always start my morning with face moisturizer. But even if your skin isn’t naturally dry it can still be helpful. Just apply it 15-30 minutes before you start your makeup to let it soak in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the difference it can make! Your makeup will end up looking much smoother and feel better going on.


Don’t use your hands to apply makeup.

Maybe it’s just a weird pet peeve of mine, but I hate when people use their hands to apply foundation, concealer or really anything. One, your hands probably aren’t the cleanest and two, that’s what they make brushes for! I really just hate touching my face in general, I don’t think its great for your skin. I will say I do use my fingers to apply my prolong wear paint pot on my eyelids, I don’t like to but it just works the best for me. I know a lot of makeup artists use their fingers, so surely it’s not like a complete do not do — but personally I’m not a huge fan of it.


Don’t use a dry beauty blender.

When you’re applying makeup using a beauty blender you want to make sure your beauty blender is damp. I soak my whole beauty blender, then wring it out and squeeze it with a napkin a few times. This will help your foundation, especially if its a heavier one, not look as cakey and go on so much better. This tip has been a lifesaver for me. I use more full coverage foundations and concealers so this keeps it from looking too heavy on my face.


Don’t over-fill your eyebrows.

Right now everyone is into the thick and full eyebrows, which I will say I also love. But if those weren’t the eyebrows you were blessed with and you’re not a makeup artist, chances are you might look clown like if you try to give yourself thick brows. My advice on filling in eyebrows is to just mimic the same strokes as the hairs you have already – don’t just “color” them in. I cringe when someones brows look like blocks on their face – I’m telling you from personal experience, less is more.


Don’t walk out the house without looking at yourself in natural light.

Really everyone should be applying their makeup in natural light but sometimes it’s hard to always have good lighting wherever you are. My advice is to look at yourself in natural light or different lighting than you used to apply your makeup before you walk out the door. You might just notice a few things you didn’t when you originally applied it and be glad you caught it before you walked out the door!


A quick little last tip, don’t use dull eyeliner or eyebrow pencils! They work a lot better when they’re sharpened.

Hope these tips are helpful when you’re applying your makeup! If you have any useful tips or have questions about anything you can comment below.

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*Again, I’m not claiming to know the correct way to apply makeup — these are just things that I’ve learned that help me.