It’s officially Christmas time!!!

I have to say, this is my absolute favorite time of year. I have been making way too many Hobby Lobby trips for Christmas decor and having to vacuum up way too much glitter lately — but I mean at least our house is getting in the holiday spirit, right!? I keep trying to tell my husband this…

Anyways.. lately I have been all about lighting candles in our house. I think it really gives your home that warm and inviting feeling, plus it instantly puts me in a great mood. I have a good set of go-to candles that I’ve found mostly in boutiques or through friends. I have also found an amazing Christmas candle that has really helped add to the holiday vibes I’ve got going over here — so naturally I’m pretty excited about that.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite candles and where you can buy them — these also make great gifts for Christmas! 😉

Thymes “Fraiser Fir”IMG_6116

So I originally got this candle last season in the smaller version (linked below) and was just crazy about it. I’m not huge on Christmas candles but this one is perfect. I also loved the look of the new and larger gold candle so I had grab it!

Thymes “Fraiser Fir” Smaller VersionIMG_6133


I love this candle because it’s a cute subtle Christmas touch with out even trying! P.S. this candle comes in the cutest styles and designs so even if you didn’t like these their are many to choose from!

DW Home “Vanilla Bean”IMG_6131.jpg


One of my best friends gifted me this candle and the second I opened the packaging I was obsessed. I normally don’t love Vanilla smelling candles, but this one is great!

Tyler Candle “DIVA”IMG_6128

This is one of the first candles I really fell in love with! My mom had it and I became obsessed. It is sometimes hard to find, so when I come across them I stock up!

Altar’d State “Our Signature Scent”IMG_6124

My sister and I walked into Altar’d State and immediately started searching for what kind of candles were burning because it smelled THAT good. You can find many different colors and styles at their store as well as Volcano Candles that I also love.