I have been really into taking pictures lately with my camera and wanting to get some experience photographing couples, families, etc. I have taken a few beginner classes on how to shoot in manual and have come to really love it! Being that Kevin is over being my subject to shoot, I reached out to one of my friends asking if she and her husband would be interested in helping me get some experience plus them hopefully getting some cute photos out of it. Her husband actually preserves and restores old Ford Broncos so we got to use one for the shoot and it was so cool! I really loved the way they turned out and wanted to share!

I also started a new Instagram to share pictures I have been taking so make sure to follow it – @tngphotog!


If you would like to shoot with me in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas you can message me on my photography Instagram or contact me through my site! I’m always looking for new subjects to play around with 🙂