Charlottes Beach Shoot

For my birthday this year (which is tomorrow but I got my present early) I got a new camera that I had been dying to use. As I've mentioned before, Kevin absolutely hates when I...
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How to Stay Sane During Baseball Season

I'm not going to lie -- staying sane during the baseball or even off season was a huge struggle for me for a long time. And to be honest I still struggle with it from time to...
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Beach Shoot + Muscle by Madz

I had the pleasure of photographing Madison Wright, the owner of Muscles by Madz, this week in Siesta Key. She needed some updated social media and website pictures so we thought...
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Useful Bags for Traveling

Why is it that when you are packing for a weekend trip you always seem to have enough clothes for a whole month?! Okay maybe it's just me... but I can’t seem to get around this...
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Newsflash: No one’s life is as perfect as their Instagram pictures

Newsflash: No one's life is as perfect as their Instagram pictures. Let's get real for a second. Do you really think someone’s picture perfect Instagram life is their reality? Do...
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Hi, my name is Taylor Gausman!

My maiden name is Taylor E. North, which is how I got the nick name TEN. I’m originally from Louisiana, graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Mathematics and was also an LSU cheerleader! GEAUX TIGERS! I’m pretty much either on a plane, living out of a suitcase, or at a baseball game. 

New Nike Kicks

I don't know about you but getting a new pair of tennis shoes is like Christmas morning to me. Something about a brand new, super clean pair of shoes just puts me on cloud nine. Then on top of that, it doesn't hurt that it makes me want to get in the gym and try them...

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A Look Through My Lens

I've always been one to obsess over photos. From as long as I remember I've wanted to capture every moment on camera, of myself or others. My husband even gets annoyed with the amount of pictures I take of him, and everything else. I get the whole "live in the...

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Makeup Advice – What Not to Do

This past summer I did a little group makeup lesson with some of the LSU cheerleaders. I was asked to just show them what products I use, how I use them and how they can use their own products for their "game day" look. Most of the girls were new to the team, fresh...

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My Favorite OPI Nail Colors

Is it just me or does anyone else have the hardest time picking a nail color at the nail salon? There are just so many to choose from and if you don't have a color already in mind it can definitely get overwhleming. I mean you're really committing to this color (okay,...

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Choose to be Happy

Be happy. Two words that sometimes feel so hard to do. Sometimes the smallest things will ruin your day, but why? Why do we choose to not be happy? I mean if you think about it realistically being happy is our choice. You can choose to let things get to you, or you...

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Shoot with Kristen Soileau Photography

I recently did a fun, laid back, editorial type photoshoot with Kristen Soileau -- an amazing wedding photographer based in Louisiana. She shoots a ton of weddings, but wanted to do something a little different than the usual bride and groom look. I was super excited...

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